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Rental/Mortgage Assistance Applications

Rental Assistance Program Updates for Solano County Residents Impacted by COVID-19/Fires

The Season of Sharing is providing additional funds to Solano County residents impacted by fire, and/or Covid-19 with rent, or mortgage payments. This program is part of our efforts to prevent homelessness. Funding is for rent or mortgage expenses only.

Applicants affected by either COVID-19 or the fires should note the following changes:

  • Rent or mortgage does not have to be delinquent. We can assist with these expenses for those who are forecasting a hardship with their rent or mortgage expenses.
  • Requirement to verify their source of income to prove sustainability after receiving the grant can be waved. This service may now be available to applicants who lost their job due to the fires or COVID-19.

For interested applicants who were affected by the fires only please note eligibility may be granted if you applied within five years.

This means if you received this service within the last five years and were affected by the fires you may qualify to apply again.

This one-time emergency fund is provided via the San Francisco Chronicle in an effort to assist families insecure of housing. To further assist those impacted we are temporarily expanding this grant until December 31, 2021.

If you are applying for assistance for reasons other than the pandemic or fires please note our regular guidelines will apply to your case. We can assist with delinquent rent or mortgage payments as well as costs related to a move.


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After completion of the application, save and attach along with supporting documents to