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Rental/Mortgage Assistance Applications

Rental Assistance Program for Solano County Residents

Season of Sharing provides funds to Solano County residents for rent or security deposits or mortgage. This is part of Solano County’s effort in preventing homelessness.
Season of Sharing is a private fund providing one-time, crisis- based assistance to the nine Bay County residents.
The program aims to help eligible households regain stability after experiencing an unforeseen emergency situation beyond their control.
Applicants must provide proof that following receipt of assistance, they will have the means to maintain their housing and living expenses.

For more information, Please call SOS Hotline 707-558-5052.


Applicants must be current Solano County residents (minimum 3 months) in one of the following categories:

  • Families with dependent children (age 18 and under) living in the home
  • Permanently disabled individuals (18 years & older and receiving SSDI/SS or medically verified
  • Older individuals, age 55 and older
  • Former foster youth, ages 18- 24
  • Veterans
  • Survivors of intimate partner violence and violent crimes (occurrence within the last 6 months)
  • Pregnant individuals in their 2nd trimester or later

Documentation will be required to confirm each household’s eligibility status.
Simply meeting these criteria DOES NOT entitle or guarantee a household assistance.
Assistance is based on merit and greatest need of applicants.


  • Assistance may be received once every 5 years if required. Applications are screened for prior funding.
  • The program operates year-round. Eligible applicants can apply anytime during the year.
  • SOS is crisis-based and not an entitlement program. Funding is not guaranteed.
  • Requests for assistance must be supported by a valid and documented housing crisis.
  • Proof of ALL income and ability to meet monthly financial obligations on an ongoing basis is required. Priority is given to low-income households.


  • Security deposit for permanent housing.
  • Delinquent rent or mortgage. 

Guiding Principles

  • The Season of Sharing Fund is to be used for non-recurring single crisis. Season of Sharing Fund cannot assist when it is clear that a client’s situation has been or will be ongoing or if that situation cannot be resolved with one-time assistance.
  •  The Season of Sharing Fund should be used as a last resort. Other available resources must be used to first address the need to the maximum extent possible, including support from family, friends and/or other organizations. Assistance can be coupled with other resources including what the applicant can pay, in order to cover the full cost of an item or housing expense.
  • The use of Season of Sharing Fund must resolve the immediate problem and help the family or individual regain long-term self-sufficiency.

The Season of Sharing Fund does NOT provide assistance for:

  • Rooms or subleases
  • Education tuition or school supplies
  • Clothing (uniform for job is OK)
  • Property taxes
  • Home modifications or repairs
  • Homeowner Association Fees
  • Home maintenance or late fees
  • Phone bills
  • Appliances such as washers and dryers
  • Movers or moving trucks
  • Storage
  • Hotel/Motel bills
  • Food
  • Funeral expenses
  • Airline tickets or travel expenses
  • Repayment of payday loans or personal loans to friends or relatives
  • Court costs or legal fees
  • Routine medications or doctor visits
  • Parking tickets, speeding tickets, impound or towing costs
  • Basic car maintenance( smog, oil changes, tires, maintenance)
  • Down payments or deposits on automobiles
  • Legal fees
  • Gambling losses
  • Veterinary bills (service dogs)
  • Garnishments / Tax levies
  • Self-made situations (birthday parties, loss of money, robbery- no police report)
  • Vacation or Christmas presents
  • Tuition

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