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Rental/Mortgage Assistance Applications

Relief for Solano County residents for Clients Impacted by COVID-19

The Season of Sharing is providing additional funds to Solano County residents impacted by Covid-19 with rent, or mortgage payments.

This one-time emergency fund is provided via the San Francisco Chronicle in an effort to assist families insecure of housing.

To further assist those impacted we are temporarily expanding this grant until December 31, 2020 to people predicting they may be short on rent/mortgage in the coming month(s) as well as those delinquent on rent/mortgage payments.

This expansion is for applicants applying due to hardships from the pandemic. Applications will require verification.

If you are applying for assistance for reasons other than the pandemic please note our regular guidelines will apply to your case. We can assist with delinquent rent or mortgage payments as well as costs related to a move.


(The application will load after clicking the above link)

After completion of the application, save and attach along with supporting documents to